“In Our Time” – Interreligious Resource

A post on my “Comment and Perspective” blog of a resources for theological reflection and dialogue between the Presbytery of Chicago and the Jewish Communities of Greater Chicago.

Easter 2018 sermon, “Look for Life!”

  After several requests, the text of my resurrection sermon this year was posted on the blog for my congregation. Easter 2018 sermon, “Look for Life!”    

A Pastoral Word after the Election

In light of the recent election, I offered a word of encouragement and purpose for my community.  “A Pastoral Word after the Election.”

Photography and Poetry: Gustavo Bonaventura / Aldo Palazzeschi on Word❈Image❈Spirit

A new Montage portfolio is open making use of historic and classic Pictorialist photography.  These are photos developed in the opening age of photography. The first is a 1911 photo from Italian photographer Gustavo Bonaventura. This photograph is paired with the poetry of Aldo Palazzeschi.  You can find all of this at the “Pictorialist” portfolio of Word❈Image❈Spirit.

Painting and Poetry: N.C. Wyeth / Umberto Saba on Word❈Image❈Spirit

Discover the poetry of Umberto Saba.  See another mythic painting by N.C. Wyeth, a famed illustrator and father of the painter Andrew Wyeth. See his depiction of “Ulysees and Calypso.” This new addition to Word❈Image❈Spirit is in the Montage porfolio entitled, Musings.

Prayers for Orlando in Light of Mass Shooting on June 12, 2016

Please join me in prayer for the families of those who have been killed or wounded in Orlando this morning.  President Obama has identified this the worst mass shooting in American history.  We know it comes on the heels of too many mass shootings over the course of recent decades.  Our hearts grieve and mourn…

Word❈Image❈Spirit Post – Verses

Enjoy a new post on my new site for image and word.  On the Montage link you will find the start of a collection called “Verse” in which I will pair some verses of scripture with various works of art.