Photography and Poetry: Gustavo Bonaventura / Aldo Palazzeschi on Word❈Image❈Spirit

A new Montage portfolio is open making use of historic and classic Pictorialist photography.  These are photos developed in the opening age of photography. The first is a 1911 photo from Italian photographer Gustavo Bonaventura. This photograph is paired with the poetry of Aldo Palazzeschi.  You can find all of this at the “Pictorialist” portfolio of Word❈Image❈Spirit.

Painting and Poetry: N.C. Wyeth / Umberto Saba on Word❈Image❈Spirit

Discover the poetry of Umberto Saba.  See another mythic painting by N.C. Wyeth, a famed illustrator and father of the painter Andrew Wyeth. See his depiction of “Ulysees and Calypso.” This new addition to Word❈Image❈Spirit is in the Montage porfolio entitled, Musings.